Habitual Score

Activate customer habits across user segments.

Habitual Score is state-of-the-art technology that empowers businesses to activate user habits for whole customer segments, old or new. It does this by distilling the universe of user data to discover the key activities that generate new customer habits for a product. Higher the Habitual Score, the more influential an activity is in creating user habits.

Leading banking institutions leverage the Habitual Score to focus on the strongest value propositions for their product, powering new customer habits & triggering long-term product stickiness.


Habitual Score empowers banks to identify habit-forming user touchpoints, a crucial product insight.

  • Boost the lifetime value of a customer base

  • Reduce churn rates

  • Increase the overall number of product transactions within the base

  • Increase the frequency of high-value transactions

  • Identify growth opportunities for product development and/or partnerships