Activate customer habits. Drive higher levels of growth, profitability & customer satisfaction.

More than the ‘next best action’, Habitual.AI is patent-pending technology that triggers intent-driven usage of financial products among customers.


Why do customers repeatedly use popular product features or specific mobile apps?

They do it out of habit, intuitively performing actions that are familiar and useful. Customer habits can be a pivotal competitive advantage for businesses. But they are incredibly hard to make or break.


Combining the power of consumer psychology, data science & AI, Habitual.AI is purpose-built to trigger new banking habits in users. It does this by mapping out personalized, holistic banking journeys for every customer, putting them on the path to habitual product usage.

Core Benefits

The Habitual.AI Advantage

By automating the creation of customer habits, Habitual.AI empowers businesses to:

Drive & control product stickiness that lasts

Turbocharge the lifetime value of a customer base

Slash customer churn rates

Amplify user engagement

Spot new business opportunities in product development or partnerships

Habitual.AI recently partnered with a leading bank in India to improve adoption rates for its digital banking platform. Our solution consistently delivered business results far above the norm.


Features & Capabilities


Self Learning

Data Blending

Habitual AI is a robust, universal platform for building customer habits that handles:

  • Data ingestion from any source

  • High volume at several TBs per day

  • Broad variety with unstructured and structured data

  • High velocity by processing real-time data from millions of end points

Habitual.AI runs on commodity hardware and lives up to its enterprise-grade stamp with built-in fault tolerance, high availability, high scalability and ability to handle high volumes of data.

Tech stack

Built by professionals with a collective 3 decades of experience in machine learning, the Habitual.AI platform encompasses three distinct technologies:


    Automatic categorization of unstructured transaction text data into structured data sets, resulting in massive time and resource savings for financial institutions.


    Visual dashboard of distributed data analytics, offering real-time analytics from various data sources.


    An AI-powered system that profiles customers at scale and then nudges them towards regular product usage via personalized banking journeys.