3LOQ Creates Simple Connections with customers by being at the intersection of brands, consumers and data

Product Description

3LOQ meshes proprietary Advanced Computing techniques with Human Wisdom to produce Actionable Insights.

We create an UNIQUE CUSTOMER View by contextualizing billions of transaction data points. The customer can be viewed individually or in relation to other customers.

3LOQ provides Actionable Insights, at speed. These insights allow your brand to partner with the Right customer, at the right time, to fulfill their purchase intention.

3LOQ Labs is a Company
  • 3LOQ Unique Building Block - Customer Finger Print

    Works on concept of pattern identification to recognize the new potential audience for a brand of product
  • Matching Fingerprints creates action points

    2 Customers Recommended

List of Projects done with Clients​

  • Lift* achieved for Content

    Developed song recommendation system for ​ leading content provider in India. ​
    Developed games recommendation and pricing system implemented on a leading OEM manufacturer in India. ​​
  • Lift* achieved for Bank​

    Developed recommendation engine for Personal Loan products for one of the leading Indian Bank​​
  • Lift* achieved for Telco

    Developed list of customers interested in restaurants using CDR data from leading Indonesian Telecom​​​

Lift Definition: The ratio of the response rate versus a random blast

The Team

  • Sunil Motaparti

    Natural Language Processing
  • Rajiv Lal

    Customer Insights
  • Anirudh Shah

    Machine Learning