We’re an AI startup working with cutting-edge tech to automate the process of making habits

3LOQ started out by enabling companies to crunch billions of customer transactions to extract revenue-related business intelligence.

While working with banks to reduce churn, they noticed something interesting: people who crossed a specific frequency threshold of usage were more likely to stick with a product.

Curious, they experimented with a different approach to reducing churn, by creating habits rather than using retention tactics like paid promotions.

It wasn’t just a hunch. Working for over a year, they honed machine learning algorithms to reduce attrition through habit formation, leveraging consumer psychology and data wizardry. When put to the test, it was successful in consistently providing results that were far above the norm.

Now, launching with the second largest private bank in India, they’ve used Habitual AI to automatically and securely personalise financial customer communication like never before.

Anirudh Shah
Founder, B.S. Carnegie Mellon

Anirudh is an entrepreneur and an engineer from Carnegie Mellon who’s built software and managed teams for 13 years. Working extensively with machine learning and NLP for over a decade, he’s also built other companies like Keypoint Technologies and Cafyne.

While partnering with banks and telecom companies, he worked extensively on how to improve customer relationships through new advances in tech. This set him on the path to building Habitual AI to increase customer engagement and save time for financial institutions.

He’s an avid photographer, and spends his time away from work reading about science and philosophy.

Sunil Motaparti
Founder, M.S. Carnegie Mellon

With a Masters degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, Sunil is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and now runs several technology companies like Cafyne, Altiux, Kagami and 3LOQ.

Analytical with a keen interest in marketing and advertising, he builds technology to make messaging more relevant and engaging. Explaining Habitual AI as a game of chess, he hopes to reduce marketing noise in the financial sector through strategic personalisation. He also enjoys photography, reading biographies and exploring history.

Do you dream of data? Can you simulate data transformations in your mind? (Left outer join with 2 filters, go.)

Or perhaps, taking a leaf from Einstein’s book, you’ve become adept at explaining SVMs and ANNs to your grandmother. We’re kindred spirits at 3LOQ.

If you have your heart set on learning, the drive to turn problems and ‘Eureka!’ moments into actionable solutions and you read research papers for fun, we’d love to hear from you.


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